Monkey Takes Over Principal’s Chair In Gwalior School

Uninvited guests can turn into a hassle rather quickly. And a school in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, recently had a tough time with such a guest who managed to get a hold of the principal’s chair and then refused to move. We have to admit that things got a tad trickier because the occupant of the chair was not a human but a monkey that seemed to have taken a fancy to the chair. The entire incident was caught on camera and the 1.15-minute clip has gone viral since. In the video, the monkey, oblivious to the panic it is creating, is shown happily occupying the principal’s chair at the government school.
Several staff members are seen to trying to intervene and shoo animal away. The monkey, on its part, looks quite content with its new seat. The curious animal even makes an effort to remove the plastic sheet used to cover the chair. After a few seconds, the monkey leaves the chair and runs into the corridor, after a staff member approaches the animal.

This is not the first time in the recent past that a monkey has created a furore with its antics. In June, this year, an errant monkey was seen travelling in the Delhi Metro, much to the annoyance, amusement and shock of the commuters. The video, which went viral on social media, shows the monkey nonchalantly traversing through the coach.

In connection to the incident, an official was quoted as saying, “The monkey was spotted around 4:45 pm as the train moved from Yamuna Bank to IP Station on Blue Line and moved away on its own by the time it was brought to the notice of DMRC officials by passengers,” adding that no harm was caused to anyone. It was also mentioned that the monkey wasn’t spotted in metro premises, thereafter.